... and also a HAPPY NEW YEAR from all at Grade!

The Bach Choir

'The Fat Duck Cookbook' illustrated title
(Conversion to co-editionable format)
'Rice's Architectural Primer' illustrated title
(Hardback, 240 pages, 20 x14 cm, 150+ colour images)

Cadisch GIGB
Corporate identity and stationery

Carlton Books
'The Contemporary Art Book' illustrated title
(Hardback, 256 pages, 31.5 x 26 cm, 250+ colour images)
'Art of Classic Rock' illustrated title

Corporate identity and stationery

JCL Records
'Costas Fotopoulos Piano' CD packaging
'Dichterliebe' CD packaging
'Songs' CD packaging

Macmillan Cancer Support
'Macmillan Voice' magazine issue 48
'One Big Sports Day' UK campaign identity and materials
UK national walking campaign identity and materials
Team Macmillan Fundraising Guide
Team Macmillan Marathon Training Guide
Team Macmillan Half-Marathon Training Guide
Team Macmillan 10k Training Guide

'100 Houses' illustrated title
(Hardback, 352pp, 25 x 25 cm, 800+ colour images)

NHS Confederation
The NHS Handbook 2008/2009
(Softback, 288pp, 21 x 15 cm)

'For Entrepreneurs' branding/covers for reference series

'Galaxy' illustrated title
(Hardback, 254pp, 38 x 29 cm, 500 colour images)
'The Big Question' branding/covers for reference series

Thames & Hudson
'StyleCity New York - 3rd Edition' illustrated title
'Eco-Design Handbook - 2nd Edition' illustrated title
'XS Extreme' illustrated title
(Hardback without Jacket, 224pp, 18 x 17 cm, 300+ images)