Detox Kitchen Vegetables

Following on from the success of author and chef Lily Simpson’s first book, The Detox Kitchen Bible, comes the highly anticipated Detox Kitchen Vegetables. Lily, founder of the Detox Kitchen, a renowned food delivery and deli business, provides a detailed study of the most accessible vegetables, their health benefits, tips on preparation and 150 feel-good recipes that are free from dairy, wheat and refined sugar. The book is colour coded by vegetable, for ease of use. The cover design matches the previous title, employing contrasting coated and uncoated materials on a wraparound design, with foil-blocked lettering creating a more tactile quality, resulting in a matching pair of books.

Client: Bloomsbury Publishing
Author: Lily Simpson
Format: Hardback halfbound PLC
Extent: 304 pp
Size: 265 x 180 mm
Illustrations: 150