‘I have always found Grade totally reliable, in that you know they are going to do exceptional design work within a given timescale. They understand the arts and collaboration comes naturally to them. They seemingly effortlessly grasp what is needed and nothing is too much trouble.’

Jane Alison, Head of Visual Arts

‘I have always found working with Peter a real pleasure. He is brilliant at designing books that feel fully formed and crafted in every dimension; with a real eye for the fine detail. His typography is particularly strong, and ranges from the classic to the cutting edge – and he is a great champion of new typefaces. Versatile enough to design in a variety of styles, and flexible enough to meet challenging deadlines. He comes highly recommended.’

Richard Atkinson, Publishing Director
Penguin Press

‘Grade have always been extremely efficient in offering exceptionally creative, original design concepts (and solutions) resulting in nothing other than beautifully designed books. They are a delight to work with.’

Emma Poulter, Project Editor
Tate Publishing

‘It’s a pleasure to work with Grade. Their professionalism, dedication and enjoyment in what they do brings high quality and fun to our collaborative publishing projects.’

Lucas Dietrich, Director
Thames & Hudson

‘I had a very specific design requirement for launching my life story writing service. Peter and his team not only had the right skill-set to design a wonderful book but also excelled in understanding the specific needs of my brand. As such, they delivered a superlative end solution which has enhanced Story Terrace’s customer offering and improved my brand’s visual presentation.’

Rutger Bruining, Founder

‘For Totally Thames, we needed to work with an agency who could respond to our needs creatively and efficiently given the compressed time frame of our programme. Having created the brand we turned to Grade for the Festival’s deliverables which ranged from invites and the programme to signage and advertising. Grade met all the deadlines set with good humour and great work across the board to ensure consistent and engaging collateral.’

Annie Helps, Marketing & Digital Engagement Manager
Thames Festival Trust

‘Peter and his team have been professional and reliable in producing our printed literature. The final product is consistent with what you would expect for a luxury brand such as Asprey, accurately interpreting our requirements with innovative and creative ideas from photographic art direction through to the final delivery. Asprey is very happy with the service we have received and we would certainly work alongside them in future projects.’

Robert Procop, Chief Executive Officer

‘Grade have provided a truly fresh and creative approach to every piece of work we give them – while producing material that adheres perfectly to our corporate guidelines.’

Rob Matthews, Visual Identity Associate Manager
Clifford Chance LLP

‘Grade really are amazing. We work regularly with them because of their creativity, well thought through concepts, problem solving, excellent typography and their overall professionalism. They somehow make the projects run very smoothly and make the whole process engaging and fun.’

Clare Baggaley, Creative Director
Carlton Publishing Group

‘Grade create exciting visual concepts that fit our demands as an organisation. Their designs always create an interesting and engaging reading experience for our audience. Working with the team is always a pleasure, they are always on-hand to discuss the project and are always reliable in delivering artwork to deadline and budget.’

Meilir Jones, Senior Print Publishing Officer
The NHS Confederation

‘Working with Grade has been brilliant. They are great at working to our brand guidelines and always stick to our tight deadlines. My team went to their offices and worked on resolving creative challenges together face-to-face, which has meant that the creative delivery for our Walks and Big Sports Day events has been really effective.’

Joanna Dew, National Events Marketing Manager
Macmillan Cancer Support

'After an open brief to Grade to help us with a dynamic and eye-catching creative, for a PR element of The Mayhew's neutering campaign, we were delighted with the presentation of a range of clever and thought-provoking proposals. We settled on the 'sex-card' campaign as it was a bold, innovative and an utterly unique approach, which we immediately knew would generate the PR coverage and attention we wanted for this strand of the neutering campaign. Placing comment pieces and coverage regarding neutering, in the media, is an extremely difficult task, and one which all animal organisations struggle with. Grade design have given us a phenomenal creative which will certainly make the media and decision-makers sit up and really pay attention to the issue.'

Sarah Dickinson, Media and Communications Manager
The Mayhew Animal Home

'Having worked with a number of different designers on various projects during my business career, we allowed Grade Design the opportunity to pitch for a significant new contract to refresh our corporate identity and produce a revolutionary new specifier’s guide for architects and designers. This required a totally fresh approach to an industry in which we felt nervous and inexperienced. We were immediately impressed by the dynamic, enthusiastic approach of their Creative Director Peter Dawson and felt that Peter and his team could become part of our own team. On the strength of this, he was awarded the contract and has produced what we would believe to be an award winning final achievement. Their immediate ability to grasp the concept and initiative of a complex product and industry, has impressed us to the extent where we now allow them to both lead and drive an innovative approach to our future marketing and design.'

Simon Cadisch, Managing Director
Cadisch Group

‘Our company has a cultural desire to achieve excellence in all facets of our business activity and therefore the right image is vital in communicating this message to our clients. Peter and his team created a corporate identity which I believe accurately portrays our philosophy and high profile products which was particularly challenging in view of the style-conscious nature of the architects we seek to attract.’

Howard Cochrane, Managing Director
Handrail Design

‘Grade is the ultimate in professionalism, quality and class. For my festival brochure I needed a team to be efficient with an eye for perfectionism and originality – this is exactly the experience I received with outstanding results. Peter Dawson and his colleagues were generous with their time and care for detail whilst the quality of their ideas, vision and eye for taking an idea to the highest possible standards were absolutely without criticism. Consequently I have a stunning product which is certainly a template for future collaborations.’

Jamie Walton, Artistic Director
North York Moors Chamber Music Festival

‘To guide Nicholsons towards presenting a new company image (logo, documentation, website) which reflects the company’s strengths in engineering, technologically advanced product design, quality and service, Grade was seen as having the necessary expertise. Having selected Peter and his team we are delighted that by working closely with us they have met our stringent requirements for economic solutions on time, providing Nicholsons with an image that supports the achievement of our aspirations.'

Jeremy J. Nicholson, Managing Director
Nicholsons Sealing Technologies

‘Thank you to you and your team with assisting with the design of both the leaflet and the poster for the concert. The service we received was unsurpassed. In particular the patience, time and dedication to the task displayed by your team was exceptional. We are grateful that you were able to dedicate your valuable time to help raise funds towards the Witness Service in London.'

Clare Williamson, Witness Service Manager
Southwark Crown Court & Court of Appeal

'It was very important for us to communicate our centenary celebrations of the Art and Design faculty to visitors and the profession. We have always had close ties with industry and we needed a platform to communicate the heritage and quality of the art and design courses at Kingston. Working closely with Peter, at every stage of the project, we created a highly successful promotion which was extremely well received by all parties, going on to win an award for the University and the consultancy.' 

Malcolm Kennard, Course Director, Faculty of Design 
Kingston University