Jan Groth: Førlop og volum (Course and Volume)

Jan Groth: Førlop og volum (Jan Groth: Course and Volume), about the renowned Norwegian visual artist Jan Groth (1938–2022), was designed for the Stavanger Art Museum. What was originally conceived as an exhibition catalogue to accompany the show subsequently took on a greater meaning for all involved when Jan very sadly passed away in the early stages of the project. Thus the book became a reflection and celebration of his life, as well as detailing and outlining the contents of his work in the show. Our use of a landscape format best suited his epic woven works. With a wealth of archive material going back over 50 years, the documentary photography was treated with a duotone process, providing a consistency of presentation across the whole book and a contrast with the exhibition photography, which was adjusted to be clean and neutral, in order to reflect the gallery environment accurately, as well as Jan’s monochromatic works. 

It was a real privilege and pleasure to work on this project, and even though we never got to meet Jan, we felt that his guiding presence was there throughout. The book is in both Norwegian and English and Grade oversaw all aspects of its production from concept through to repro and final printing.

Client: Stavanger kunstmuseum, MUST
Editor: Vibece Salthe
Format: Paperback with flaps

Extent: 128 pp
Size: 210 × 300 mm
Illustrations: 75