Kenneth Grange: Designing the Modern World

We were blessed to have worked very closely with the renowned design pioneer Sir Kenneth Grange, along with the team at Thames & Hudson, to produce the definitive celebration of one of the most revered, innovative and influential industrial designers of the modern age. Written by Lucy Johnston and with a foreword by Sir Jonathan Ive, the book explores Grange’s early life and career, from his co-founding of the legendary Pentagram design agency to setting up his own much celebrated practice, outlining the clients and the broad range of work he undertook. For decades, Grange’s iconic products have been at the centre of British life and enhanced Britain’s post-war reputation as an influential hub of design excellence. Our clean, striking modernist design framed his incredible portfolio of work, with the strong use of yellow throughout referencing his most famous and favourite project, the InterCity 125 train for British Rail.

Client: Thames & Hudson
Author: Lucy Johnston
Format: Hardback

Extent: 320 pp
Size: 280 × 230 mm
Illustrations: 536

'Sir Kenneth Grange is a hero of British design'

Sir Jonathan Ive