London Living: Town and Country

A unique look into the homes of London-based interior designers, antique dealers, musicians and influencers, by leading interior design photographer Simon Upton. Published by Vendome Press and Grade’s second book working with Simon, London Living explores an incredible range of homes in this capital city and reveals the private spaces of creatives and influencers across London. Presented in two parts, the book begins with ‘Town’, which is devoted to the homes of those who live solely in London, such as grandee of interior design John Stefanidis, industrial designer Maria Speake, architect Tom Bartlett, fashion designer Bella Freud and model Poppy Delevingne. The second part ‘Country’ showcases those who divide their time between London and a countryside retreat, which includes names such as film director Gaby Dellal and designer Jasper Conran. 

Use of the classic Johnston sans serif typeface, as employed on London Transport, captured the typographic heritage of London, while large, bold titling and quotes were used to separate locations throughout and make the book easier for readers to navigate.

Client: Vendome Press
Author: Simon Upton, edited by Karen Howes
Format: Hardcover with jacket
Extent: 320 pp
Size: 305 × 235 mm
Illustrations: 222