Creators of Modern China: 100 Lives from Empire to Republic (1796–1912)

Creators of Modern China: 100 Lives from Empire to Republic (1796–1912) is a detailed study of 100 men and women whose activities in the 19th century laid the foundations of modern China. Written by an international team of specialists, this book populates the landscape of modern Chinese history with extraordinary individuals, making sense of the drama and creativity of the country’s ‘long 19th century’. Grade was delighted to have designed and laid out this groundbreaking publication.

The book was edited by Jessica Harrison-Hall (Head of the China Section, Curator of the Sir Percival David Collections of Chinese Ceramics, and of Chinese Decorative Arts and Ceramics at the British Museum) and her colleague, Julia Lovell (Professor of Chinese History and Literature at Birkbeck, University of London). The book was published to coincide with the launch of the show ‘China’s Hidden Century’ at the British Museum (18 May–8 October 2023). 

Client: Thames & Hudson in conjunction with the British Museum
Editors: Jessica Harrison-Hall and Julia Lovell
Format: Hardcover with jacket
Extent: 368 pp
Size: 240 × 170 mm
Illustrations: 150+ 

‘Like being invited to a huge party full of interesting (if sometimes unpleasant or even dangerous) people from all walks of life’.

Asian Review of Books