On the Side:
A Sourcebook of Inspiring Side Dishes

Written by food blogger Ed Smith (rocketandsquash.com), this cookbook is dedicated to the often-ignored component of any meal: the side dish. It includes 140 inspiring recipes, combined with a recipe directory to enable you to pair the right side dish with whatever you are cooking. Our design was kept simple and functional to allow the reader to navigate quickly and easily through the book. Our cover design took an iconic, graphic approach and the bold use of yellow with a red cutaway corner beneath echoes the red used for the directory inside the book.

Client: Bloomsbury Publishing
Author: Ed Smith
Format: Hardback PLC with jacket
Extent: 352 pp
Size: 248 x 180 mm
Illustrations: 153

‘I want to eat every recipe in this book.’

Nigel Slater

‘This is both a beautiful and eminently useful cookbook.’

Anna Jones