The Rice Book

This title was a very long time in the making. Commissioned in 2019, it faced many challenges, most caused by the covid pandemic, but despite everything, the book was finally published in 2023 to great acclaim. The original Rice Book by Sri Owen became an instant classic when it was published 30 years ago, and to this day it remains the definitive book on the subject, regarded by the Observer Food Monthly as one of the 50 best cookbooks of all time. Grade was delighted to be asked to redesign both the cover and the insides and update it for a new and contemporary audience, using both black and white line drawings from the original title and new colour recipe photography.

One of The Guardian’s best food books of 2023

Winner of the André Simon Award

One of the Observer Food Monthly’s 50 Best Cookbooks of All Time

Client: Bloomsbury Publishing
Author: Sri Owen
Format: Hardback PLC
Extent: 384 pp

Size: 241 × 176 mm

Illustrations: 350