The Watch
A Twentieth-Century Style History

In Alexander Barter’s impressive volume on the history and aesthetic changes of the watch through the twentieth century, each decade opens with an introduction to the era’s stylistic and design highlights and then examines the development of specific genres of watches within each period. Many of the colour photographs in this book are full-page close-ups that reveal intricate details of form, texture and design. Our attention to detail in the design reflects the precision and elegance of the subject matter. The cover is a mix of highly tactile print processes and materials to convey the elegance and luxury nature of the content.

Client: Prestel Publishing
Author: Alexander Barter
Format: Hardback PLC
Extent: 336 pp
Size: 300 x 240 mm
Illustrations: 400 

‘Indispensable reading for horophiles of every stripe.’

The Daily Telegraph