500 Years 100 Watches

From two of the world’s leading experts on watch collecting, this supremely elegant and informative selection of 100 watches traces the timepiece’s evolution as it highlights the most unusual, important and beautifully crafted watches of the past half a millennium. 

Having created Alexander’s first title The Watch, published in 2019, Grade was delighted to get the team back together again for this stunning new publication. The book is divided into centuries and the watches within each section are listed chronologically. Playful chapter openers with watches split into four time zones open each century and reflect the engineering and craftsmanship of these exquisite pieces. The cover concept presents a timeline of the best in class, showcased in the book, and provides an overview of the development of watch design.

Client: Prestel Publishing
Authors: Alexander Barter and Daryn Schnipper
Format: Hardback with jacket
Extent: 304 pp
Size: 300 × 240 mm
Illustrations: 350