Aylesbury Grammar School: A History

2023 was the 425th anniversary of the foundation of Aylesbury Grammar School in 1598, marking an incredible 425 years of educating local students. Since its foundation, the school has survived 19 monarchs, the upheaval of two world wars – as well as the English Civil War – and various relocations around Aylesbury. This anniversary edition reveals the fascinating history of Aylesbury Grammar School through an exploration of key events and personalities that have left a lasting impact on the school. 

This was our first title for Profile Editions. Grade was delighted to bring its expertise to this fascinating book, providing a contemporary aesthetic to frame both present-day and archival imagery with a clear typographical structure, showcasing the fascinating stories that make up the school’s history.

Client: Profile Editions
Author: Dr Joel Burden
Format: Hardback PLC
Extent: 272 pp
Size: 245 × 186 mm

Illustrations: 169