Indian Tiles

This highly illustrated book tells the history of tile decoration in the Indian subcontinent through the author’s vibrant photography and his thorough and painstaking research over many years. India is celebrated for the richness of its architectural and decorative arts, but it is less well known for glazed tiles. Arthur Millner sheds light on this previously neglected subject with a richly illustrated narrative providing insights into the influences, production techniques and design styles of the craft. He travelled extensively over a number of years, capturing on camera the varying styles and buildings to create the definitive book on the subject before many of the tiles are lost to time. Grade was delighted to have worked closely with Arthur and the Prestel team to create such an involved and unique title.

Client: Prestel Publishing
Author: Arthur Millner
Format: Hardback with French-fold jacket
Extent: 304 pp
Size: 340 x 290 mm
Illustrations: 400