Young Bellini

This groundbreaking book sheds new light on the early life and career of Giovanni Bellini, who is widely recognised as one of the greatest painters of the Italian Renaissance, and is revered for his mastery of colour and light. His early life has, however, up to now been something of a mystery. From extensive research, author Daniel Wallace Maze argues that Jacopo Bellini was not Giovanni Bellini’s father, but rather his half-brother, and that Giovanni was born between 1424 and 1426, up to fifteen years earlier than previously thought, rewriting Renaissance timelines and history. Our design was based on a new template size we created, to add to our existing suite of templates, with Young Bellini being the first title produced in this new format.

Client: Yale University Press
Author: Daniel Wallace Maze
Format: Hardback with jacket
Extent: 208 pp
Size: 241 x 171 mm
Illustrations: 117