and the art of ancient Greece

Rodin, famous for his sculpture The Thinker, drew energy and inspiration from the art of classical antiquity, and he absorbed and assimilated the models of ancient Greek and Roman art in his own work in innovative ways. The Parthenon sculptures were a particular source of inspiration and he drew them first-hand on several visits to the British Museum, as outlined in this exhibition catalogue. The cover concept features a translucent half-height jacket, allowing the design to focus on his renowned sculpture The Kiss.

Client: Thames & Hudson in conjunction with the British Museum
Authors: Celeste Farge, Bénédicte Garnier and Ian Jenkins
Format: Hardback PLC with half-height jacket
Extent: 240 pp
Size: 280 x 250 mm
Illustrations: 203


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‘Impressive… a must-read for art lovers.’

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