Baked to Perfection

Baked to Perfection is the new, modern bible of gluten-free baking. Author Katarina Cermelj combines her scientific knowledge (backed up by a PhD in Inorganic Chemistry from Oxford) with a passion for baking to create an essential classic. In 2016 Katarina set up her hugely popular baking blog,, after cutting gluten out of her diet. The recipes in the book combine her scientific knowledge with her endless experiments from the blog to provide a wealth of information on allergy-free baking. Our brief was to create a clean, modern and accessible design, avoiding the often clichéd approaches of other baking titles. The photography and illustrations were done by the author.

Client: Bloomsbury Publishing
Author: Katarina Cermelj
Format: Hardback PLC
Extent: 384 pp
Size: 246 x 189 mm